Strategy Consultation - Dr. Ashraf Elsafty
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It is important to mention that as part of our mission & vision at Ashraf El-Safty Consulting, we do not just provide consultation, nor we offer a single-sided service. However, we rather prefer to follow a coaching advisory (educational), knowledge sharing approach, in which we involve our clients – or our success partners – to be part of the consultation process itself.  Thus, our cooperation with our clients will not be only developing business, but it will be developing and improving the current skills, knowledge and expertise entire involved team, to be able to utilize and inherent, consequently repeat the process successfully on their own later on with lesser need for external help, that might be away of your needs.

Therefore, we will be requesting a high-level of interaction and involvement from chief executives and managers to work together to write a new success story together – as a team.

Organization & Business analysis

A service focused on general analysis on all of strategy elements, developing client's initial strategic questions and preliminary proposed answers, with possible formulation of proposed vision & Mission.

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Organizational strategy formulation

In this phase, will be investigated more details by holding a series of meetings, upon which intensive analysis sessions will be held with client’s executives to breakdown, discuss and formulate a solid background and data batches about different and various strategy elements.

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Corporate & business level strategy

At this level, we will decide the broad guidelines of client’s strategic plan, before we dig deeper into details of the company's prospective directions, which will guarantee a steady growth and firm establishment for it in new markets – and possibly with completely new products – while keeping an eye on the competition.

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