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Our founder, Dr. Ashraf Elsafty, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teaching ‘Research Methods’ and ‘Strategic Management’ with number of reputed academic universities, with focus on teaching ‘Scientific Research Methods’ for postgraduates, MBA and Doctoral candidates, at ESLSCA University Cairo, Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, and Maastricht School of Management Netherlands. Conducting Scientific Research activities with academic supervision for MBA/DBA/PhD thesis/dissertations, in line with being Principal Investigator focusing on the field of ‘Scientific Research’ & ‘Strategy and Management’, covering wide range of disciplines and industries.

Passionate about bridging theory and practice and creating high-quality learning environments in the classroom. Developed and validated several new models for multidisciplinary topics, such as learning and development, engineering education, and positive psychology.

Extensive experience in leading and conducting rigorous mixed research studies, analytical frameworks, monitoring and evaluation for a wide range of research projects. Providing technical assistance, guidance, mentorship, and quality reviews for research in various scientific domains. 


Contributed to the development of multiple publications, including in-house publications, reports to beneficiaries, and published articles in reputable journals. Additionally, helping profits and non-profits to build their research capacity, maximize their learning skills, and conduct scientific research successfully.

Dr. Ashraf has about 30+ years of experience, 25+ years Strategy/Marketing/Sales related experience in the IT Industry and 15+ years as Senior Top Manager in the field of Planning & Strategies and Scientific Reseach related experience. He is also acting as a Senior consultant, for number of reputed organizations.

Dr. Ashraf Elsafty’s career started by studying Cost Accounting at the Faculty of commerce, Cairo University, from where he was graduated (1995). Afterwards, he finished his higher Diploma in Computer Science, then gained MBA degree from the Arab Academy for Science & Technology (2002). He was formerly working at several organizations (Egypt/UAE) as Planning & Strategies Manager/Vice CEO & Board Member since 2003, then he became the General Manager of a leading well known media organization operating a globally famous portal. Dr. Ashraf earned his Doctorate in Business Administration at the Maastricht school of Management ‘MsM’, Netherlands (2011).


Building and developing a world leading consulting firm.


Urbanizing world through consultation.

Only the Best



  • Gradual growth for the 3-5 years.
  • Stability for the next 5 years.
  • Spin-offs 5-10+ years.
  • Integrating well fare of human right to progress, community need for development and businesses agility to benefit.


  • Seeking Honesty, through transparency and decent interaction.
  • Targeting Justice, using righteous against all parties.
  • Being moderate, applying balanced positions among others.


Seeking truth and equity by acquiring knowledge and Wisdom; through learning, teaching, and developing others all the time.



Using blended mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques, relatively for each case to better represent the problem and empower solving it.



Our Three major stakeholders are Human .. Business .. Community

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