Core Training Courses - Dr. Ashraf Elsafty
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Core Training Courses

Courses covering all of our experience and knowledge base. Designed to give you the ability of scientific, practical thinking, and technical capabilities to fulfill your needs and to develop your answers to complicated questions.

Research Methods

The course designed to give you the ability of scientific thinking and research capabilities to fulfill your scientific research and to develop your dissertation. Perhaps the course will turn you into a researcher. At least, the course will give you a broader, more solid conception of the place of your degree/research.

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Strategic Management

To develop students' capacity to think strategically about a company, its business position and how it can gain sustainable advantage. To give students hands-on experience in crafting business strategy, reasoning carefully about strategic options.

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Market Research Essentials

At the end of the course, students should have developed a number of marketing specific skills, areas of knowledge, and following learning outcomes: To introduce the six steps of marketing research. To understand the importance, necessity, and methodology of problem solving.

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Principles of Marketing

Develop and understanding of today’s global and local market place and the role that marketing plays in both that will give students a general background and introduction to the field of marketing. Develop and understanding of the meaning of marketing, and its components.

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Marketing Strategy

The course designed to give you the ability of scientific marketing thinking and strategy capabilities to fulfill your marketing position and plan, to develop your own marketing strategy.

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International Marketing

The course designed to give you the exposure to international marketing concepts, supported with cases from various industries and countries

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Management Fundamentals

The course designed to give you the ability of understand basic management concepts, learning fundamental management and business skills needed for today’s manager.

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