Strategy Consultation Services - Dr. Ashraf Elsafty
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Strategy Consultation Services

A service focused on general analysis on all of strategy elements, developing client’s initial strategic questions and preliminary proposed answers, with possible formulation of proposed vision & Mission.

This strategic audit is aiming at fulfilling the following objectives:

  • In-Depth analysis of client’s current situation, resources and opportunities
  • Developing a Strategic position/plan, with marketing focus and recommendations to re-position client’s as one of the competitive players within market with products and services fitting the regional and international related markets.
  • Vision & Mission development.

The importance and criticality of this level stems from being the base and the foundational, upon which -accordingly- we will build the final recommendations and the detailed strategic audits needed for a new re-launch. As this is the main objective and final destination of a business analysis trip, we are taking together.

In this phase, the following areas will be investigated in details by holding a series of meetings, upon which intensive analysis sessions will be held with client’s executives to breakdown, discuss and formulate a solid background and data batches about the following factors:

Current Situation; covering history, current performance, center of gravity, and strategic posture.

Corporate Governance, including decision making order and flows.

External Environment; Here we will be gathering data (either via data collection from client’s team directly or via doing our own research) about the Industry’s History, Development, Trends, Growth, Top Markets locally, regionally and internationally, Direct and Indirect competition locally, regionally and internationally.

Internal Environment; Beside in-depth financial analysis, internal operations documentation, observance of existing resources (both; human and technical resources) and management information systems; we will also need to conduct interviews with company employees at most levels. Speaking with respondents/stakeholders all along the management ladder, will help to better understand how the company operates, the hidden treasures within and will also help to discover any gaps that may exist, which will help later to determine the areas that need to be covered within the company for the future challenges.

By the fulfillment of Level 2 of the Strategy Audit, all the needed data would be ready with in-depth analysis, and ready for building a clear future vision and prospections upon them.

In this level or phase, we will decide the broad guidelines of client’s strategic plan, before we dig deeper into details of the company’s prospective directions, which will guarantee a steady growth and firm establishment for it in new markets – and possibly with completely new products – while keeping an eye on the competition.

A complete guide will be set to improve client’s operating efficiency, the likely state of the company in the future and provide concrete advice for the company’s managers to follow. Other sections in the strategic audit will include high-level financial charts, survey results, assessments of the competition, a list of company weaknesses and advice as to how the company could implement the recommendations and suggestions that the new strategy will come up with.

The final strategic audit will include the following items:

  • Developing Strategic Marketing Oriented Alternatives.
  • Corporate, Business, and Functional level strategies.
  • Recommendations for proper implementation plans, with major feasible alternative strategies available to the company.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan for each strategic alternative.
  • Pros and cons comparisons of each new suggested alternative.
  • Adequate control measures to ensure the conformance of the implementation and operations with the recommended Strategic Marketing Plan.
  • Optional: Partial or full supervision of implementation, including:
    • Organization culture development
    • Innovation & change management
    • Hands on management coaching
    • Capacity building
    • Leadership development