Marketing Management Services - Dr. Ashraf Elsafty
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Marketing Management Services

Understanding market and market needs is a really hard process, using marketing researches such process can guarantee a better focused understanding, close enough to the actual.

We offer a different levels of complicated marketing research types, usually, we use a blended mix of quantitative and qualitative marketing research designs, normally called ‘Mixed Methods’, yet, based on client assessment and needs, a focused design can be offered accordingly.

Starting by client needs assessment, then with a proposed design, ending by final market research design based on client needs and amendments.

The process of the market research usually covers:

  • Needs assessment, defining client requirements.
  • Reviewing related literature, from secondary sources, either scientific or not scientific sources.
  • Evaluating and designing market research methodology.
  • Developing data collection source and method for client approval.
  • Data collection, with preliminary analysis for client review.
  • Final analysis, with draft conclusions for client comments.

Final reporting answering the client question(s).

Market studies are not yet enough for several cases and some of client needs, while financials might be of a question related to markets and technical issues and tensions, yet, neither technical studies are the only required solution. Therefore, feasibility studies would be a best fit for such case, when client needs are a mix of marketing, technical, financial nature.

Understanding technical and marketing questions of the clients is the key to start successful feasibility studies. While using our current team knowledge base, we must refer to the needed technical experts based on client questions.

Generating a feasibility study answering client questions is not an easy process, therefore, we must insure a proper review from external resources to insure quality and apply needed verification.

The process of feasibility study usually covers:

  • Needs assessment, defining client marketing, technical, financial requirements.
  • Reviewing related sources, especially for technical aspects.
  • Developing secondary data collection source and method.
  • Evaluating and designing study methodology.
  • Collecting secondary data, covering marketing, technical, and financial aspects.
  • Final analysis, with draft conclusions for client comments.
  • Final reporting answering the client question(s) on project feasibility.

Generally, in finance, valuation is the process of estimating the potential market value of a certain financial asset or liability.

Valuations can be done on assets like investments in marketable securities such as stocks, business enterprises, or intangible assets such as patents and trademarks, and are required in many contexts including investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger/acquisition transactions, and financial reporting.

It is very important to note that valuation is more an art than a science because it requires judgment, where you actually need our consulting competency and role:

  • There are very different situations and purposes in which you value an asset (e.g. company in distress, mergers & acquisitions…). In turn this requires different methods or a different interpretation of the same method each time.
  • All valuation models and methods have their limitations (e.g., mathematical, complexity, simplicity, comparability) and could be widely criticized. As a general rule the valuation models are most useful when you use the same valuation method as the “partner” or “client” you are interacting with. Mostly the method used is industry or purpose specific.
  • The quality of some of the input data may vary widely
  • In all valuation models there are a great number of assumptions that need to be made and things might not turn out the way you expect. Your best way out of that is to be able to explain and stand for each assumption you make.

When a valuation is prepared all assumptions should be clearly stated, especially the context whether of the company under valuation, the market, the industry, or even the country of operations.

Our consultation and report, will try to integrate all above mentioned introductory idea of valuation in a way to better represent client’s value to the ultimate and proper manner for the potential prospect.

  • Gather the needed data from your accounting department for the past operational period since started till now, distributed on all of your business lines and activities.
  • Give direct consultation hours and sessions to assist your key seniors developing the future expected financial projects for all of your business lines and activities.
  • Give direct notes on what is needed as marketing information and how to write it, to enable your team develop a marketing and business competency sheet.
  • Get final financial projections from your side, designed and constructed initially based on our consultation directions.
  • Develop the needed financial analysis on the data gathered (actual & projections).
  • Provide a full financial report including the financial analysis and the fair stock value.

Promote the developed financial report for selected number of potential investors to buy or finance client’s needed funds.