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Research Methods - Courses Outline
SessionRM1 BasicsRM2 FundamentalsRM3 QuantitativeRM4 QualitativeRM5 Mixed Methods
Obj.Level 1 All Students General introduction to Research Methods  Level 2 Master Students Mandatory Scientific Research steps developing Deductive Applied Research.Level 3 Master/Doctoral Students Intermediate  Level 4 Master/Doctoral Students AdvancedLevel 5 Doctoral Advanced
1Introduction to Scientific investigation. Thinking as Researcher.How to formulate problem definition. Using 9 Elements Framework. Formulating Conceptual Model  Thesis & Papers Reviews. Measurement of variables. Operationalization. Measurement Scaling Reliability & Validity.Dissertation & Papers Reviews Research Philosophies, Approaches, and DesignsDissertation & Papers Reviews Research Philosophies, Approaches, and Designs
2Scientific Research Approaches & TypesCharacteristics versus Hallmarks of Scientific ResearchQuantitative Data Collection Sources & Methods.  Qualitative Data Collection Sources & Methods.  QN & QL Data Collection. Triangulation.
3Language of ResearchComprehensive Literature Review process. Writing with Scientific Styles (APA, …)QuestionnairesCase Study Narrative Research Action Research  Mixed Methods Approaches, and Designs.
4How to search for science.Research Design.
Elements of research designs.
Sampling. Sample Design.Grounded Theory Meta-AnalysisAnalyzing QN & QL Data.
5Introduction to APAFormulating Theoretical Framework Types of Variables Hypothetical Statements.Quantitative Data Analysis & Interpretation.  The Research Paper/Report.Quantitative Data Analysis & Interpretation.  The Research Paper/Report.Reporting & Presenting Mixed Methods Conclusions