Dr. Ashraf Elsafty | Consulting .. Scientific Research and Strategy Development.
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Urbanizing world though research and consultation. Building capacity of a unique firm fulfilling client requirements. Using blended mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques, relatively for each case to better represent the problem and empower solving it.


Our services are tailored around client's needs and requirements, powered by our experience and gained knowledge.

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Our ready packaged solutions formulated and shaped after long time and repeated deployment of regular services offered to our clients.

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Scientific research activities, including academic efforts aligned with industry and community needs, related to strategy and management for the welfare of our clients.

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Diversified and integrated team, empowered by a wide range of skills that fits our clients' needs.

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Scientific research consultancy, covering research center development and management.

Clients usually use market researches and feasibility studies, even more, asks for consultation from time to time, yet, some of the client needs might not be covered using the previous methods, as it might be of a more complicated issue that can’t be solved nor answered with such stated methods and tools.

Here comes the need for research, either by training our client on how to conduct research, coaching them on the research steps, or furthermore, build jointly their research capacity by starting a research center internally.

In such a case, we usually recommend our clients to follow the below mentioned steps, as we support them to:

  • Select the most qualified talents at their capacity.
  • Join advanced research methods course, covering quantitative and qualitative skills.
  • Coach the client research team on the early new research projects.
  • Set the client research map, projects, and deliverables.
  • Follow a mid to long term coaching and follow up plan to insure research center succession.

As well recognized definition of ‘Internship’, we do offer the same relatively with different focus and experience. After comprehensive and rigorous selection process, candidate will have the chance to be exposed to our experience and knowledge using hands-on and closely coaching process, gaining knowledge on our major area of expertise. With Major focus on Research and Strategy related projects and tasks.

Whereas, our close knowledge transfer process reflects directly on the capacity leverage of the candidate throughout the internship time and tasks.

We offer different types of internships, based on the nature and period of the projects and tasks.

  • Type 1 : ‘Research’ oriented internship, candidate will join research project to learn and share experience conducting scientific research projects.
  • Type 2 : ‘Strategy’ oriented internship, candidate will join strategy project to learn and share experience conducting strategic analysis, formulation, and implementation projects.

SMART Consulting, where we deliver:

  • Strategy Consultancy – bringing strategy alive in organizations.
  • Change Consultancy – generating ideas for real sustainable change.
  • Leadership Consulting – challenging conventional thinking.
  • Talent Management – aligning strategy with individual choice.
  • Coaching with Consulting – supporting individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Case studies, challenging management and team members.
  • Tolerant customized fees per consultation.

What we offer for MBA students for their thesis development:

  • Guide MBA participant in research structure/format according to the “MBA Thesis Structure Outlines” that is available at the Institute’s premises.
  • Suggest sources of literature readings to help in the research design including the development of the theoretical framework, research assumptions and limitations, as well as target sample specifications and size.
  • Review the data collection method and data analysis strategy.
  • Assure data collection punctuality and ethics.
  • Help formulating the final research findings and conclusions.
  • Review the research outcomes (i.e. recommendations)
  • Motivate and encourage the MBA participant.
  • Follow-up on the supervisor’s feedback to make sure that it is incorporated in the research.
  • Doctoral Dissertation

  • Master Thesis

  • Seminar Course Papers

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